I'm culturally-grounded, social-justice-centered dynamo who supports people and groups to claim their purpose and a path to it. Most recently, I supported Village Fire in the creation of the Community Liberation Tent. Let's do things together!

I have been a facilitator and consultant for grassroots social justice organizations for 22 years, specializing in strategic planning, collaborative decision-making, conflict resolution, and anti-oppression engagement. I’m currently the fundraising and resource coordinator for Bay Area Nonviolent Communication. I am a dedicated anti-racist organizer, and have been blessed by mentorship from civil rights leaders who were students of Ella Baker. I give specific gratitude to the wisdom of Black feminism, the intentional communities movement, anarcha-punks, the radically rooted version of nonviolent communication, the work that reconnects and other somatically-based practices including DBT, and the “sing for your life” circle singing tradition in Oakland, CA.

I have been co-learning popular education and Theater of the Oppressed practices since 2000, first with the guidance of its founder, Augusto Boal, and later with CTO-Rio and Barbara Santos. I regularly facilitate participatory workshops around the country on social justice issues including de-carceration, racial justice, consent, gender/LGBTQI, abilism, classism, collective decision-making, and restorative justice. I am also a performance artist who specializes in collaborative projects with people who don’t call themselves “creative.” As a guitarist and songwriter, guitarist, I will be releasing the album “Goodnights for Meadow” in 2019.

As a researcher I’ve studied the dynamics of collaboration, participation, social responsibility, and personal agency, especially as they intersect with cultural work. My current interests include participatory knowledge making for citizenship with particular emphasis on embodied cognition, political theater, grief work, community singing, and restorative justice.

I am the founder and core organizer of the We Wanna Woke Community Justice Choir and Radical Cheerleading Squad.